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Thread: Multiple LTO tapetypes?

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    Default Multiple LTO tapetypes?

    This may be a stupid question, but I'd like to know if it's possible.

    We've been using amanda for awhile now using LTO-2 tapes. Recently our tape drive died and we replaced it with an LTO-3 drive. That still takes the LTO-2 tapes, but I'd like to gradually switch over to LTO-3 tapes. Swapping the old ones out for new LTO-3s as we take them out for archiving.

    Is this possible? Can amanda be set up to know (based on label maybe?) which tape it's using and write appropriately?
    Alternately, does amanda care? As long as there's a tape in the drive and enough space on it, does it matter?


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    Amanda do not care, but you must adjust the length in the tapetype.

    I would put new label to the new tapes and mark the old as not reusable with amadmin, keeping them as archive, you can 'amrmtape' them when you put them to trash.

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