Dear Altruist,

I have IBM TS3100 and Redhat RHEL 6.1 version on the backup server and want to configure is with 24 tapes on the disk and want to backup everyday at a certain time. I can do the cronjob thing and installation and basic configuration but confused about the /etc/amanda/ibmts3100/amanda.conf. what entries should be there and what are the parameter values will be. Do I need to install additional drivers to do that. Please reply asap I'm really in a big mess. My config file till now is given below:

org "Test"
mailto "[email protected]"
dumpcycle 7
runspercycle 5
tapecycle 5
dumpuser "amandabackup"
tpchanger "chg-disk:/space/vtapes/test/slots" # a virtual tape changer
labelstr "TEST-.*"
#label_new_tapes "TEST-%%"
#autolabel "TEST-%%"
logdir "/var/lib/amanda/test"
infofile "/var/lib/amanda/test/curinfo"
indexdir "/var/lib/amanda/test/index"
tapelist "/var/lib/amanda/test/tapelist"

holdingdisk hd1 {
directory "/space/amandahold/test"

define dumptype comp-tar {
program "GNUTAR"
compress fast
index yes
record no # Important! avoid interfering with production runs

define tapetype DVD_SIZED_DISK {
filemark 4 KB
length 4482 MB

Please confirm what difference should I make and how to use changer.