Just a few remarks about 3.3.4, which generally seems to be working fine on my Linux systems:

* For the 4th consecutive time, the release notes fail to fully explain what fixes where made, with just three words to cover them again ("Many bugs fix"). It would be nice if the important bug fixes were separately itemised so we can see if any issues we've had are corrected by the bug fixes.

* For the RHEL RPMs, there is a new perl-JSON dependency which isn't mentioned in the release notes (though the new JSON amreport stuff is). This is handy to know because Zmanda don't provide a repository that could resolve such dependencies automatically (plus RHEL/CentOS doesn't install perl-JSON by default).

* The Windows "3.3.4" client download is "unavailable" (blank space where version/link should be) and it would probably be for the confusingly differently numbered Windows 3.3 release anyway when it does become available (I've posted up in the Windows client forum about this bizarre version disparity).

* Why are unsupported/obsolete Linux distros getting Zmanda binary builds? This seems a waste of resources to me that would be better spent on looking at the Windows client code (which seems to have various issues compared to the pretty solid Linux version). Example pointless build platforms include Fedora 14-16 and Ubuntu 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10.

* Despite there being 5 Fedora binary builds, there isn't actually a build for the latest stable Fedora (19)! I know it came out only a day before 3.3.4, but it should have been made available by now.