Inexplicably, the Zmanda Windows client has a different version number from the Linux equivalent. For example, as I write this, the latest Linux release is 3.3.4, whereas the latest Windows release is 3.3. Even more strangely, the "3.3.4" download page shows umpteen Linux releases (including for unsupported distros such as Fedora 14-16 - why?!) and no sign of a Windows release (not even 3.3) - it looks like someone's left that blank for over a week now.

Even more confusing is that the current 3.3 Windows release is copied into successive Windows/3.3.X trees, making the URL give the impression that there has been updates to it when there hasn't. For example I downloaded the Windows 3.3 client from the 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 trees and checksummed both zip files and they are identical.

It's about time the Windows release switched to the same numbering scheme as the Linux one - surely some of the third-field releases on Linux have the same changes applied to the Windows code? Even if they didn't, I still be tempted to just increment the Windows version to match the Linux one and build a fresh package to keep things consistent.