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Thread: glib-util.c:45:glib_init: assertion failed

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    Default glib-util.c:45:glib_init: assertion failed

    Hello all,

    I have installed amanda-common, amanda-client and amanda-server from the Ubuntu repositories via the Synaptic Package Manager (using Linux Mint MATE 13, based on Ubuntu 12.04).
    Versions are each 1:3.3.0-1-ubuntu1

    Following the guide at [url][/url], I get the following error when doing amcheck:

    dbork-VirtualBox / # whoami
    dbork-VirtualBox / # amcheck MyConfig
    Amanda Tape Server Host Check
    NOTE: tapelist will be created on the next run.
    Holding disk /amanda/holding: 5705728 kB disk space available, using 51200 kB as requested
    ERROR:glib-util.c:45:glib_init: assertion failed: (!g_thread_supported())
    amcheck-device terminated with signal 6NOTE: host info dir /amanda/state/curinfo/localhost does not exist
    NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
    NOTE: index dir /amanda/state/index/localhost does not exist
    NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
    Server check took 0.287 seconds
    Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check
    Client check: 1 host checked in 2.066 seconds.  0 problems found.
    To be honest, I do not know exactly how to proceed from this point. Compiling from the sources could be a solution, as I have read, but that was for v2.0.x of Amanda, maybe for this error there's a better (or easier) solution available?

    Appreciate your help,


    EDIT:Did a system update via mint-update and re-installed the amanda-* packages. The problem did not occur again, so I guess there has been updated something that has been in the wrong version before. Sorry that I do not have furter details on it, but at least now it's working (well, the first steps... )
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