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Thread: Is there any way to have 2 or more user accounts for the global dashboard

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    Default Is there any way to have 2 or more user accounts for the global dashboard

    Just wondering if it was at all possible to have two separate user accounts for the dashboard so that one is the "administrator" who can see details on all backup servers/sets and another user who can see only certain servers/sets. I ask as we are a company with multiple sites/offices and it would be handy to have this feature.

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    You can do this with notifications within Zmanda Cloud Backup, but not for the dashboard.

    The dashboard is a global view of your entire account. If you don't want to give access, the dashboard can be configured to send a weekly summary. You can specify multiple recipients via one of the menus.

    ZCB itself can send out simple emails to show the status of individual backup runs. You must configure your SMTP information via the Preferences > Email menu. Recipients specified in this menu will get email for ALL backup sets.

    However, you can visit the Backup Set Preferences tab for each individual backup set. Enter an email address, and that addess will only get emails for that particular backup set.

    Please see this screenshot for an example:

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