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Thread: Hybrid of Amanda + TSM possible?

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    Default Hybrid of Amanda + TSM possible?

    Due to outrageous per-client costs for the commercial product TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager), I'm considering a "hybrid" solution of TSM & Amanda for the test and development systems (Windows and Linux) in my shop in which the requirement for overall recovery time is lower than that of a production system.

    I'm not familiar enough with Amanda to figure out if the following scenario is possible:

    1. Install Amanda client on test and dev systems
    2. Backups on clients go to holding disk defined by Amanda server
    3. Amanda server periodically backed up by TSM product (i.e. the holding disk files are backed up to TSM)
    4. After some period of days, the oldest holding disk files are deleted from the Amanda server

    Ideally, the client systems wouldn't even involve TSM and the Amanda server would take care of autochangers and tapes itself, but I'm told that our tape library cannot be partitioned (to make part of it available to Amanda), and they want all tapes to be TSM tapes and for them to be encrypted using hardware encryption in the tape drives under control of TSM.

    The trick part, of course, comes during an Amanda client recovery... recent client files will still be available on the Amanda backup server "holding disk", but older client files will require a manual restore (using a TSM client) of Amanda-created files to the holding disk before an Amanda restore can be launched on the client.

    I'm thinking of doing some scripting to aid in the selection of the correct Amanda files to restore (to the Amanda server holding disk) via TSM.

    Basically, I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to query Amanda to determine what resources are needed for a restore, and thus I can do my magic to get those resources restored to the Amanda server via TSM prior to attempting the Amanda restore.


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