I am trying to restore an incremental backup of the MySQL database with blob data. I am using SUSE Linux. It is getting failed with MySQL error unknown command '\0'. Checked with increasing the size of max_allowed_packet_size to 1 GB in the my.cnf but still getting the same error.

BackupSet1:restore:INFO: BINLOG = mysqlbinlog "/mysql-zrm/20130212170902"/mysql-bin.[0-9]* >> /tmp/VuPVfJAACd
BackupSet1:restore:ERROR: Output of command: 'mysql -e "source /tmp/VuPVfJAACd;"' is {
ERROR at line 202087 in file: '/tmp/VuPVfJAACd': Unknown command '\0'.
ERROR: Incremental restore failed
BackupSet1:restore:ERROR: Incremental restore failed
BackupSet1:restore:ERROR: Restore failed

From other mysql restore forums I found that we can use --hex-blob while taking dump but not sure how to do it in zrm configuration.

Any suggestions to restore is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.