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Thread: Windows backup API used in "Cygwin" client ?

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    Default Windows backup API used in "Cygwin" client ?

    Hi all

    I am searching for a backup method to backup some Windows clients (W2k and WXP) and Linux clients (like thousend other users too...)...

    Amanda looks great for me but,

    i have read in several posts and docs that it is possible to backup Win clients via SAMBA.
    but I also found the following statements also in several documentations and later on the Amanda wiki:
    "Samba does not use the Windows Backup API..."
    "... is not able to backup open files..."

    I found a Windows client (via cygwin) available to download.
    Is this client using the Windows API and is able to handle open files?

    Because on some Windows clients, we have a commercial Java software running which is accessing an Microsoft Access DB in the background.
    Also we have running apps like Outlook Expres.

    Sometimes the users don't close all apps and don't log off when they left the office, only the workstation is locked.

    So would it be possible to backup a running system via the "cygwin" client without the risk of data corruption?

    Else it would be needed to start a script or what ever, to close all running apps and log off the user automatically.
    But this could also cause problems with corrupted files in worst case...

    Thanks in advanced for your help.

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    Cygwin based windows client available at [URL=]Zmanda downloads[/URL] page does not backup open files.

    To backup open files in Windows XP, you need to use VSS. If you want a solution that handles open files, please contact [email][email protected][/email]. Zmanda services can help you.


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