hello all!

recently we had a power outage and my backup server crashed during backup process.

server is configured with virtual tapes (15 x 500G on a 20 Tb disk).

after crash i have removed failed incremental from disk and forced full backup. added 5 new virtual tapes (there is plenty of space available). everything started as should, i saw some activity on the client sides as well, but...

right now amanda server seems to take forever (backup is running for 5 days straight, never took more then 2 days before). when looking at the processes there is only one by amanda - chunker. up for many many minutes.

where should i dig / what shall i check?

another problem is that when i try to run amstatus right now it never gives out an answer, hanging in the middle of status report right after some messages about chunks 'waiting for flush'.

please help!