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Thread: relabelled backup tape

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    Default relabelled backup tape

    I have an issue , I need help with .
    I had a tape in my library which was labelled Tape01
    which I used to successfully complete a backup

    due to my inexperience I realised that it did not stick to the same naming convention as all my other tapes so
    I forced relabelled it to Tape01-12345L3 (without realising what a stupid thing this was to do)

    I have not reused the tape , so all the data is still on the tape.

    now If I try to recover any data from the tape It looks for the old label But I imagine the Amanda database does not know about because of the new label .

    My question is this , Is there any way I can undo the tape relabeling operation ??
    If I was to relabel the tape again with the original label Would I be then able to access the data ??
    Can I update the Amanda database to reflect the old label ??
    am I completely screwed ??

    Any advice you could provide this newbie would be appreciated .

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    Has the problem been solved after you label the tape back to the original label?

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