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Eric solved the problem. Thanks Eric!

Here's the link to the knowledgebase article he wrote up: [url]http://help.zmanda.com/x/MwA6[/url]
You're quite welcome! Glad I could help.

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Thanks Ramon. It will be great for others in the Zmanda community if you can share how you are using ZCB. Any performance numbers you are observing or any other tips that would be useful to your fellow users.
If you have any specific questions, I'll be happy to answer with what I've found regarding customer cases and my own internal testing.

Here's the most important tip I can think of: you should always monitor your backups.

Most people never have any real trouble with ZCB. But if trouble occurs, you need to know so you can fix it. I'll help, because that's what I'm here for.

We offer a number of automated tools to help monitor backups. ZCB has built-in email notifications you can configure to send on success and/or failure of all operations. The Global Dashbaord can send a separate weekly summary. We also log events in the application event logs. Event 501 is a ZCB failure. There's lots of ways to monitor the event logs, like scripting or third-party tools.