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Thread: "Unknown error" on amcheck when trying to backup windows client from Ubuntu server

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    Default "Unknown error" on amcheck when trying to backup windows client from Ubuntu server

    We are trying to set up a backup server on Ubuntu 12.04 that will backup a bunch of Windows 7 and XP pcs. After following all the directions we could find to configure everything, we always end up with an unknown error when performing amcheck or trying to backup. The logfile does not contain anything useful (I will post it when I go to work on Monday) aside from saying IsApplicationSupported: Application not supported, and sometimes a Winsock error. We are setting up the connection to a windows PC via Samba to test the setup currently, and tried it on two pairs of linux to PC, so it's not the machines. Please help! Is it an issue with Samba? With the registry or service on the Windows side?

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    Here is an interesting part of an error log when my coworker tried to set this up between his home ubuntu laptop and PC:

    6876:6160:11/8/2012:00:22:37:173::CZWCJobHandler : Entering ExecuteValidateDiskListJob
    6876:6160:11/8/2012:00:22:37:1:CZWCJobHandler : IsApplicationSupported: Application not supported
    6876:6160:11/8/2012:00:22:37:173::CZWCJobHandler : Leaving ExecuteValidateDiskListJob

    Disklist is: //robert-pc/users/Robert/Desktop/Printer zwc-normal

    zwc-normal is defined as:

    define dumptype zwc-normal {
    auth "bsdtcp"
    program "DUMP"

    Is something wrong with our disklist definition?

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    Are you trying to backup windows machine - folders?
    If yes, C:/Documents/Robert

    should be the disklist entry.

    Are you trying to backup a network share which is available on

    Please see [url] nt_to_the_Amanda_server[/url]
    for more information.

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