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Thread: ZWC service Time out after a few days

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    So back again. Unfortunately I had some problems last week with backing up the share which made problems the whole time.
    Do you know a way how I could move the Folder and all subfolders to zip file? Maybe he would back it up correct then.

    The amsamba thing seems to work. Are there any differences between amsamba and the smblcient way on restore?

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    Forget about that. Im doing the Backup of that share now directly to our NAS. It's easier for me and it's only the Exchange Backup.

    Anyway I still have problems with excluding two files which are backed up with amsamba. I have copied the path to the dumptype definition but it just dont work.

    exclude "./System/SQL/Data/716.MDF"
    # exclude "System/SQL/Log/0716.LDF"
    exclude "\System\SQL\Log\L0716.LDF"

    I have tried all of them but he still tries to back up these two locked files every night!

    Please give me a sign how to get rid of that....

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