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Thread: Issues with Tandberg T24 LTO-5

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    Default Issues with Tandberg T24 LTO-5

    We are operating a T24 Tandberg LTO-5 HH-SAS with Solaris 10. We've paired the library up with amanda community 3.3.0, and are experiencing issues with backups, especially with sessions that span multiple tapes.

    Is there an accepted tape and drive definition to use with this hardware? This is our current config:

    define changer exo-robot {
            comment "Tandberg T24 with Compression"
            tapedev "chg-robot:/dev/scsi/changer/c10t500110A0014BFBC0d1"
            property "tape-device" "0=tape:/dev/rmt/0ubn"
            property "mtx" "/usr/local/sbin/mtx"
            device-property "BLOCK_SIZE" "512k"
    define tapetype LTO5 {
            comment "LTO-5 Ultrium"
    #       length 1398 gbytes
            length 2200 gbytes
            part-size 35 gbytes
            filemark 0 kbytes
            speed 124466 kps
    It is to our advantage to offload compression to the hardware, as it keeps the load down on our file server. We're experiencing issues where the taper functions fine until it works on its second runtape. From that point onward, the taper does nothing, ultimately failing with a taper protocol error. It works perfectly for a single tape, however.

    Is it our settings? Should we be running 0ubn? Do we need to specify the tape/library definitions somewhere else?

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    As a follow-up, our available device names are:


    It's not obvious how to enable the library's hardware encryption, as there doesn't seem to be a relevant device for that functionality. Regardless, is there a device we should be using? I've seen talk that 'b' for BSD mode is the way to go under Solaris, but haven't read why. Our results with this library and drive have been mixed, so far.

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