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Thread: Holding disk and tape size for backup failure

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    Default Holding disk and tape size for backup failure

    We have a server with 3 TB of data. We have a holding disk of size 500 GB. We are using HP LTO-4 tapes with tape size of 800 GB. The tape cycle is 20 tapes. We are experiencing regular tape failure message from amanda.

    *** A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [No more writable valid tape found].
    Some dumps may have been left in the holding disk.
    Run amflush again to flush them to tape.

    I have two specific queries related to this issue
    a) How can we have tape failure when size of holding disc is way less than the tape size ?
    b) Does amanda append new dumps to the existing data on tapes which were used in previous cycle ? Or it first cleans the tape and then pushes the dumps ?

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    You can get a tape failure anytime,
    amanda always write from the beginning of the tape.

    nobody can help you since you didn't posted the tape error message. Post more information if you need help.

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