Under NetBSD/i386 V2 we used Amanda V2.4.x with the chgscsi changer to access the /dev/ch0 changer device to change tapes.

We have a new tape server that is based on NetBSD/amd64 V5.1.

We have a HP 1/8 SCSI LTO4 Autoloader which works fine with the OS "chio" command to move tapes in and out of the changers drive.

It appears chgscsi has not been ported forward with Amanda V3.3.

We have been all through the docs for V3 and looked at the existing changer options that implement the new API but none seem to work with our configuration.

Does anyone have a way that we can use our tape changer with this version of NetBSD?

Thank you
Scott Burns
[email][email protected][/email]