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Thread: error when trying to edit device configuration

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    Default error when trying to edit device configuration


    I'm currently testing Amanda and I'm trying to set up an Amanda server that writes to virtual tapes on a CIFS mount. I've used the instructions on this page to workaround the symlink problem: [url][/url]

    Now, when I try to 'Define and edit device settings for backup sets', I get the following errors:

    'colo_vtapes' already has a device associated.

    colo: Create failed for device settings "colo_vtapes" failed: Exception 2073: AGS fatal error. (where colo is the name of the backup set)

    What's going on? How do I 'unassociate' a device? I've already tried to delete all backup sets and devices multiple times. Please tell me if I need to provide additional information.

    Furthermore, when I try to create a whole new backup set + associated device, I get the following error when editing device configuration:

    office: error while creating device settings '/etc/amanda/office/disk-2-office_vtapes.conf': Exception 199: Errors occurred while trying to update device configuration. Update operation aborted.

    Under advanced details:

    Exception 2073: AGS fatal error.
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    Hi Oebele,

    You have asked the same question in the Support case opened in Zmanda Network. We have replied to the case. Please take a look.


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