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Thread: FreeBSD specific documentation

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    Default FreeBSD specific documentation

    The current versions of FreeBSD are 8.3 and 9.0

    The installation notes on the [URL=""]wiki[/URL] haven't been updated in years and are probably no longer relevant.

    Some specific questions:
    - Man pages list wrong locations. (e.g. [URL=" anpath=FreeBSD+9.0-RELEASE+and+Ports"]amserverconfig(8)[/URL] lists /var/lib/amanda and /etc/amanda. These directories don't exist.)
    - Permissions. How can you give the amanda user permissions to operate a tape changer?
    - Is there an rc script required?

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    I don't know about the specific build for FreeBSD but am surprised if the /var/lib/amanda (amanda user home dir) and /etc/amanda (amanda config dir) are not the same.

    As for tape changer permissions, it is the same as with any file or dir. The permissions for the tape changer device name (usually /dev/sg*) must allow the amanda user access. This can be done by changing the permisions on the device name or adding the amanda user to the group the device name is in if this group has full read and write access.

    No rc script is required although the amanda client service is generally run as an inetd or xinetd service so one of these should be installed and confirmed that the amanda service is properly configured.

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