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    Default Exclude lists?

    I found the following info as far as managing exclude lists:

    Info Description:
    In case where multiple files and directories need to be excluded "exclude list file" should be used:
    On the Amanda server:
    Edit the disklist.conf file of the amanda backup set and add the "exclude list" line below into the disklist item you would like to use the exclude list on:
    host.domain "/backup" {
        exclude list "/var/lib/amanda/excludelist"
    On the Amanda client:
    1. Create file /var/lib/amanda/excludelist
    2. chown amandabackup:disk /var/lib/amanda/excludelist
    3. Add the files and directory names you want to exclude to the file
    Using Zmanda Enterprise, would this still apply? Can the same include list be use "at large" on all backupsets and DLEs? or would we have to edit the disklist.conf for each backupsets? and worse yet, edit each backupsets and each DLEs involved?

    Do we have to do anything on the GUI portion of the DLE/What page, where we would normally insert an exclude statement in the "Exclude Files:" field?
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