Hi there,

For some reason Amanda is not honoring my exclude file directives.

This is a dumptype defined in amanda.conf:

define dumptype exclude-comp-root-tar {
program "GNUTAR"
comment "Uses exclude file to ignore folders/files"
compress client fast
auth "ssh"
ssh_keys "/var/lib/amanda/.ssh/id_rsa_amdump"
exclude list "/var/lib/amanda/exclude/exclude.list"

This is the DLE in disklist:
server1.dom /home exclude-comp-root-tar
server1.dom /opt exclude-comp-root-tar

This is the location of the exclude file on the server:

The path to the file and the permissions:

drwxr-xr-x 8 amandabackup disk 4096 Mar 3 07:21 amanda
drwxr----- 2 amandabackup disk 4096 Mar 6 15:49 exclude
-rwxr----- 1 amandabackup disk 25 Mar 6 15:49 exclude.list

The contents of exclude.list:


Yet Amanda still backs up both folders and their contents every time