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Thread: amcheck-device terminate with signal 11 v2

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    Default amcheck-device terminate with signal 11 v2


    System centos 6.2
    Amanda 3.3
    perl.x86_64 4:5.10.1-119.el6_1.1

    I have followed this guide: [url][/url]

    When I run amcheck MyCheck I get the error: amcheck-device terminated with signal 11, and I do not understand why.

    I read in this post: [url][/url]
    And they talk about a perl isssue, but no info of what issue.

    When I look at the debug log in /var/log/amanda/server/MyConfig I see no errors.

    Possible cause of errors:
    Before I installed amanda 3.3 I installed amanda 2.6 thrue centos repository but I could not get it to work so I updated. During the installation of amanda 3 I had the wrong shell for amandabackup, so I change it by edit the passwd file with wipw, howevere I did not edit anything in the shadow file because I did not saw any info about the shell there. Am I missing something here and this can be the cause for the error?

    Please help, I do not know why the error occur.

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    oops, wrong part of the forum, please close this one. I do a post in the right part of the forum.


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