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    Brand new to zmanda and I have a question about how to implement a backup schedule I have in mind.

    Here is the backup plan I would like to implement:

    Full backup to local disk once a month
    Daily incremental to disk
    Once a week copy disk to cloud (done over weekend when office closed and bandwidth available)
    I would like to retain backups for at least 6 months locally and possibly longer in the cloud

    My question is how best to accomplish this and are there any issues I should be considering.
    My plan is to do this:

    Setup local disk backup set with two schedules
    Schedule 1: full local disk backup on the first of every month - set retention for 6 months.
    Schedule 2: daily incremental - set retention for 6 months

    Setup second disk to cloud backup set
    Schedule disk to cloud for weekly incremental - not sure how to configure this.

    I am confused on how best to implement the disk to cloud portion. We have about 240G of data. I don't want to do a full backup each time because of the bandwidth. Ideally I would like to do a single full backup maybe twice a year and the rest as weekly incremental backups but I am not sure this is wise. Perhaps it would be better to treat the cloud backup completely independently from the local disk backup. I could simply setup a direct to cloud backup set which would run on a weekly basis with an appropriate retention period.

    I would appreciate comments on what I have planned and how best to accomplish it.
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