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    Brand new to zmanda and I have a question about how to implement a backup schedule I have in mind.

    Here is the backup plan I would like to implement:

    Full backup to local disk once a month
    Daily incremental to disk
    Once a week copy disk to cloud (done over weekend when office closed and bandwidth available)
    I would like to retain backups for at least 6 months locally and possibly longer in the cloud

    My question is how best to accomplish this and are there any issues I should be considering.
    My plan is to do this:

    Setup local disk backup set with two schedules
    Schedule 1: full local disk backup on the first of every month - set retention for 6 months.
    Schedule 2: daily incremental - set retention for 6 months

    Setup second disk to cloud backup set
    Schedule disk to cloud for weekly incremental - not sure how to configure this.

    I am confused on how best to implement the disk to cloud portion. We have about 240G of data. I don't want to do a full backup each time because of the bandwidth. Ideally I would like to do a single full backup maybe twice a year and the rest as weekly incremental backups but I am not sure this is wise. Perhaps it would be better to treat the cloud backup completely independently from the local disk backup. I could simply setup a direct to cloud backup set which would run on a weekly basis with an appropriate retention period.

    I would appreciate comments on what I have planned and how best to accomplish it.
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    Doing full backups twice a year to the cloud with weekly incrementals in the middle is a reasonable strategy. Although recovery from cloud may take long as you may have to pull down as many as 26 backup images for complete recovery. If the data is not changing too much you may consider doing differentials every week instead of incrementals. Differentials will increase in size over time, but at any time you will just need the full and latest differential.

    You may want to look into logically partitioning your data to make two or more backup sets. This way you would have manageable backup sizes for each of your backup sets - which you can manage (schedule etc) independently. This may allow you to carry through your local and cloud backup strategy together for data within each backup set.

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