Hi, would anyone help with this please -

after a reboot, flush stopped working. The log.XXX.0 file ends where the first mentioning of the taper should be

ERROR taper no-tape [CONFIG:taperflush criteria not met]
FAIL taper fano /global 20120208230401 0 "CONFIG:taperflush criteria not met"
INFO dumper pid-done 10640
INFO taper pid-done 10639
INFO dumper pid-done 10642
INFO dumper pid-done 10641
INFO dumper pid-done 10643
FINISH driver date 20120215230401 time 2419.317
INFO driver pid-done 10638

The amtape Config taper shows that the next tape is
#/usr/sbin/amtape Daily taper
Searching for label 'Daily10': found in slot 40: volume 'Daily10'
Will write to volume Daily10 in slot 40

and that tape is in the driver of the changer.

The /amtape show output ends with

slot 40: date 20111114230401 label Daily10
ERROR: while waiting for 'tape:/dev/IBMtape0n' to become ready: File /dev/IBMtape0n is not a tape device

but /dev/IBMtape0n is there

Where should I look for the wrongs?

How can one tell amanda to write to another tape next tiem? - all i tried did not work.