Hi, I am looking for auto backup solution to backup 5 web servers, running Centos5 and Ubuntu. Total about 1 Terabyte.

My goal is to backup the data in all 5 servers, for now. At least if HD failed, we can restore it.

I have spare HP server with 750 GB HD space. No OS yet.

My questions are:
1. Can I use the server as the backup? If so, do I need to install OS for it so the host know where destination to backup to?
2. What type of OS I need to install for the backup drive/server?
3. Does the backup method use FQDN or just simply hostname?
4. Can I use DROBO as the destination if my server is not doable?
5. Can it be setup across Internet, cause I prefer to back it up onto other Colo to mitigate risk or does it have to be within the same network?
6. Can AMANDA be used as real-time data synch, in scenario of load-balancing? Say if I install another web server across town, but their data is pretty synch up, 1/2-1 day data loss if the backup is done every night?