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Thread: Zmanda and a VTL - Staging still usefull?

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    Default Zmanda and a VTL - Staging still usefull?


    We are presently configuring a couple of Zmanda servers that will back up to a Falconstor sa318. So in theory, we will create a virtual library, assign it some drives and configure our Zmanda servers to use them.

    My question is, since these "drives" are actually in reality disks, wouldn't staging the backups be useless and just an extra steps in eventually dumping the data to the holding disks? Could i just, skip the staging area for my backups? Any downfalls?


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    A staging area is certainly less warranted in this case although not strictly useless either.

    The main advantage of a staging area in general is to allow for concurrent backups. Amanda will perform backups sequentially without it (whenever writing directly to tape). Performing backups concurrently can reduce the window for which clients are involved and can be effective at reducing overall run time.

    When writing to a physical tape drive, the staging area would lend a couple more advantages: 1) it reduces wear and tear on your tape drive by performing the backup to local disk first before sending it to tape (avoids continually stopping and starting tape and the drive motor), and 2) allows for backups to still complete in the event of a media error. So, you are correct regarding Falconstor as far as these two go.

    Thus, only the general advantage applies: allowing for concurrent backups and reduced run time. If this advantage is not worth reading and writing the data twice, then configure a staging area so small that it will essentially not be used. Staging area can also be disabled per backup entry in the Advanced Options on the Backup|what page.
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