Hello. I've been using Amanda for nearly a year on 4 separate networks without issue. I've been through upgrades, and many recoveries.

On one of my networks using AMANDA 3.3.0 amrecover now gives the following error from any of my clients:

No dumps available on or before date "2012-01-20"

However, amoverview shows the correct dump level for the correct date. Additionally, I am able to use amrestore to recover the full dump from the correct tape and once unpacked, it is fine. Obviously, I'd prefer to use amrecover to recover specific files instead of EVERYTHING. I've tried to set the amrecover date to the specific date of a known good result as shown in amoverview but still no luck.

There are no other useful log entries in my log files.

Yes, I've tried searching through this forum as well as google without any conclusive results.
My regular tape schedule continues as I know that I am actually backing up data. I'd appreciate any suggestions to get this resolved.