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    Default Amanda installation

    We have a few workstations in our firm working on OS RHEL5.3 & RHEL 5.4.
    We require an auto-backup solution so that data can be backed up from the OS directories level itself.
    Please advise as to how to setup Amanda to enable auto-backup solution.
    Further is it necessary to include tape & tape drives as backup hardware; we would prefer taking backups on hard discs itself, preferably portable USB HDDs
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    I only do hard drive backups, but other sysadmins will prefer tapes. One thing about Amanda though, you have to call the backup media a tape even if it's a hard drive. So, when you read the documentation, which you need to do keep that in mind. Tapes = media and can be DVDs, USB HDD, RAID arrays, what ever.

    With that said, I think Amanda will be perfect for you, and if you need some assistance, the Zmanda (paid) is a great solution. The GUI is nice and makes everything easy.

    If you prefer a challenge, or don't have the money you can go with the community (open source) code and implement things yourself. It takes more time, and has it's own vocabulary that you need to learn when reading the documentation, but it's not too difficult.

    I did a write up on the vocabulary some time ago [URL=""]here[/URL]. Hope this helps.

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