Extremely new to Amanda, so my apologies for my stupidity up front...

I have a client server that is an Itanium (ia64) running RHEL3. I also have several client servers that are running Solaris 8 through 10 on SParc.

All of the online documentation I've found indicates that a person should read docs/INSTALL for information. I've not found any docs/INSTALL directory in the download package, etc. What's up with that? Where is this docs/INSTALL?

Also, and maybe this is explained in the docs/INSTALL, when needing to install only the client, is there a source tarball for that or do I need the 'whole' tarball with a switch?

Lastly, is there somewhere I can download ALL of the 'official' documentation for Amanda in one file, so it can be printed and studied and used as a reference?