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Thread: Backup to External ESATA Drives.

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    Question Backup to External ESATA Drives.

    I have a problem that I hope that someone has a solution to.

    I currently have an Ubuntu 10.04 Server with 10 Ė 2TB hard drives (Hot Swappable). I discovered that having a software raid over 16TB is not supported, so I split the drives into 2 sections and have 2 Software Raid arrays to store my movies, audio, pictures, and other software. The total current usage is around 8TB. I only add data about twice a week.

    Since backing the files up to DVDís or even BlueRay is laughable, I am going to backup the system to 2TB hard drives probably 5 of them, the problem becomes that I can hook up 4 backup drives at a time into the system using an external hot swap device. Now I know that I can do this manually by copying the files one at a time to the drive until it is full, switching the drive out and repeating this, but I am hoping for an automated solution, Start backup, plug first drive in, system fills up drive, swap and repeat. Also it would be nice if the system remembered what had already been backed up so when I add files to the system, I only need to attach the last drive and not start the process over.

    I think this is possible in Amanda from what I have been reading on this site, but I am still unsure about how to go about this. I am sorry for this newbie question but I have been looking for a solution for this around a year. could someone point me in the right direction. I think I would have one slot per Drive. but I am kinda lost .

    Thanks in advance.
    The Doc.

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    Although amanda can probably do this I feel there are better ways. Amanda was designed to backup multiple hosts or DLE's and balance the load across the entire retention span.

    In your case I would consider using rsync to keep things simple however rsync wil probably not handle a disk beeing full very gracefully...

    In any case, were you to do this in amanda you would need to make a configuration with a number of vtapes, a vtape beeing one of your disks, and a manual changer. The dumpcycle would be 1 I guess and the runspercycle would also be 1. Also the full dump of your backup would be overrun the next time you make a backup.


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