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Thread: amrecover / server version compatibility ?

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    Default amrecover / server version compatibility ?

    I have an amanda server running 2.6.1p2 and its backing up several servers, including a handful running 2.5.0p1-2. Backups work without hassle, however when testing amrecover the clients are getting connection refused.

    It would appear that the failure is related to the "server_args" component on the amanda server, which is currently set like so:

    disable = no
    flags = IPv4
    socket_type = stream
    protocol = tcp
    wait = no
    user = amandabackup
    group = disk
    groups = yes
    server = /usr/lib64/amanda/amandad
    server_args = -auth=bsdtcp amdump amindexd amidxtaped
    The amanda-client.conf file on the clients also reflects this:

    index_server "test1" # your amindexd server
    tape_server "test1" # your amidxtaped server
    auth "bsdtcp"
    Nothing special or exotic in .amandahosts on the server either (entries do match via dns and /etc/hosts).

    So it would appear to me that its not possible to use the 2.5.0 amrecover with the 2.6.1 server ? I've tried monkeying with using bsd auth instead, but thats not well documented. Can anyone shed some light here ? The amanda server is listening on the right port:

    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 16179/xinetd
    What exactly does amrecover require from the server ? Based on what I'm seeing it looks like the older version expects the ports/daemons to be standalone where the newer version expects there to be only a single communication channel available (port 10080), is that accurate ?

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    It is not amanda that refuse the connection, it is the system.
    Check the xinetd/system logs to find why the connection is refused

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    Your partially right. The problem is amrecover is trying to use the wrong ports:

    amrecover: debug 1 pid 13169 ruid 0 euid 0: start at Wed Nov 2 03:39:08 2011
    amrecover: bind_portrange2: trying port=781
    amrecover: stream_client_privileged: connect to failed: Connection refused
    amrecover: cannot connect to test1: Connection refused
    amrecover: pid 13169 finish time Wed Nov 2 03:39:08 2011
    10082 is not the amandad port, and as noted above I am only running a single amandad instance, other hosts can use amrecover just fine, but they are newer versions. So the question becomes what influences this behavior, and how do I make this work (assuming I have both old and new clients ?).

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