I have managed to backup a W7 laptop on a wireless link and a W7 workstation on a wired connection with acceptable speeds. Although the speeds are less than ideal, the speeds are functional.

However, I also have a W2K3 R2 x64 VM on a Citrix Xen server. Iftop shows a network throughput of <100Kbs when the backup of this machine starts. After a while the backup just seems to stop. amdump is running on the server, there is just no data moving, or at least so little as to make this useless.

The configurations for the three machines are identical, except for the run name. W7 Desktop is T1, laptop T2, W2K3R2x64 T3.

Anyone have any experience with this? I know I have had issues getting decent network performance, but I cannot understand why the wired W7 box transfers at ~150Mbs and the W2K3R2x64 at <100Kbps. That's several orders of magnitude lower...that shouldn't be.