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Thread: tapetype HARDDISK length question

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    Smile tapetype HARDDISK length question

    Hi, i have install Amanda 3.3.0 with the document install Amanda in 15 Minutes.

    When i go through my amanda.conf, i see this:

    define tapetype HARDDISK {
    comment "Virtual Tapes"
    length 5000 mbytes

    My question is , do the "length", is the total length of my hardisk where my dump go, because, if its the case, my hardisk are way larger then this!

    Can someone can tell me exactly what that mean?

    Thanks a lot!

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    It means that the size of one virtual tape is 5000 megabytes.

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    I have an environment where all the tapes are writing to a 12TB RAID. A full backup of everything doesn't ever exceed 1TB. So I se the tapes to 1TB.

    That doesn't mean I can only have 12 tapes. If you don't use all the space on a tape in an environment like mine it will be available for future backups.

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