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Thread: Features/enhancements in 3.x

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    Default Features/enhancements in 3.x


    I have 2 Amanda servers running on Linux (Amanda 2.6.x) and I am planning to install half a dozen more servers (also on Linux).

    I noticed now that Amanda is currently on version 3.3.x and I was looking here


    for release highlights but I see a fairly detailed list of changes in syntax/parameters and so on ...

    Is there any high level description/list of new features/enhancements available in 3.x branch? Or is it mostly security fixes and such? If anyone could summarize reason to upgrade to 3.3.x I would appreciate it very much!

    FWIW, I plan to use virtual tapes (e.g. backup onto disks).


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    See [url][/url]

    significant changes in support for removable disks, Amazon S3 and ability to add taper scan algorithms.

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