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    hello guys,

    My ZRM installation is beginning to work. I'm pretty happy about that!

    But one thing that I would like to get to function is the html reporting tool that comes along with ZRM.

    this was the result I got:
    [mysql@VIRTCENT20:~] #mysql-zrm-reporter --show backup-status-info --where backup-set=SNJH-DB1 --type html --output /var/www/html/report.html
    reporter:ERROR: Can not open output file .//html//var/www/html/report.html for writing
    Now I thought that this could be a permissions issue between the mysql user and the html web root directory. So, for testing purposes only I opened the entire path with 777's. That still failed so the I thought, ok let me try outputting an .html report file to the mysql users home directory.

    [mysql@VIRTCENT20:~] #mysql-zrm-reporter --show backup-status-info --where backup-set=SNJH-DB1 --type html --output ~/output.html
    reporter: ERROR: Can not open output file .//html//home/mysql/output.html for writing
    Same result! So it appears that the flaw is somewhere in the reporting system's ability to output to html here. Is this there a way to correct this situation? Because I could really make good use of this feature and present a good business case for the higher ups to use it at work!

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