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Thread: Recovering data from vtape directory

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    Default Recovering data from vtape directory

    Hi all,

    I've just had a major server crash, and so far Amanda has been fantastic for restoring data. I have one disk list entry I have an issue with though..

    The data was backed up from a windows server, and I've been using amadmin/amfetchdump to retrieve the DLEs, copy the resulting zip files to a windows machine, then using PKreader to unzip them.

    However, one of my entries doesn't have a level 0 entry when examined using amadmin (There is an entry for lev0, but the backup has failed, I guess after the server crashed).

    In my vtapes/data directory I can find a suitably large file with the directory name and ".0" on the end of the filename. I've tried copying and unzipping this file, but it's coming back with errors. Can I retrieve the data from this file ?

    Many thanks,


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    Just to answer my own question...

    Copied the ".0" file to windows, then opened it and extracted the folder with WinRar.

    Amanda is a life (and probably job!) saver..

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