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Thread: Failure test recovery with ZRM 2.2

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    Default Failure test recovery with ZRM 2.2

    I'm testing different backup methods in my testing environment.
    I followed the quick guide in

    Everything went fine until
    backup-test:restore:INFO: Executing pre-restore-plugin
    where restoration halted waiting for a plugin that does not exists and is not configured in /etc/mysql-zrm/backup-test/mysql-zrm.conf (backup-test is the name of my backup-set)

    My question: where do I disable this plugin? I can't find any man/doc referring to it. Or is it mandatory?

    Kind regards,
    JM Clavero

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    Check /etc/mysql-zrm/mysql-zrm.conf for pre-restore-plugin. It is usually commented
    out. In your case, it may not be commented out.

    pre-restore-plugin is optional.

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    thanks for your answer.
    I'm afraid there's no line containing pre-restore-plugin. I grepped "plugin" and the only pre's I got were 'pre-backup-plugin' and 'pre-scheduler-plugin'.
    Should I add "pre-restore-plugin = " as an empty option?

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