Hi there,

I am using Amanda for quite some time with a debian server and debian cleints.
Now I have a new FreeBSD 8.2 client and tried installing Amanda 2.5, which is the same version as the debian one.
First of alle, there seems to be some differences in the backup user and the config files and directories. Debian is using a user backup and Freebsd wants an operator. Now backup can't talk operator and vice versa - at least it looks like that.
Second I am not quite sure, which files have to go to which place, to run the client as it should. The FreeBSD docs are not very easy to understand, if they are there. In some versions like the 3.x there aren't any.

So any help on how to configure the clients on FreeBSD and how to make ist work with the debian server is very much appreciated.
Thanks for reading!