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Thread: New clients talking to old Amanda server, possible?

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    Default New clients talking to old Amanda server, possible?

    [Executive summary - will new clients work with old server release?]

    Hi folks - we've been so happy with Amanda backups that we've been running v2.5.2p1 for years. We're currently backing up 458 DLEs on the main Amanda server (usually around 1TB or so of backup data per data hitting the server.)

    We're looking to upgrade our Linux desktops to the now current RedHat Advanced Workstation v6.1, and looking at the list of available packages to download, I don't see support for recent RedHat releases with v2.5.2p1.

    Will a Amanda 2.5.2p1 server (running on a redhat AW4.9 system) support backups from newer Amanda clients, or do I need to upgrade the server first? I know the newer server will support older clients, but I wanted to use the older server with the newer clients, and wasn't sure about compatibility.

    We'll be replacing the whole Amanda server system with new, high-end hardware and software in the coming months, but I wanted to see if the server upgrade needed to come before the clients. Any thoughts.

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    I just thought I'd follow up a bit here, since I never got an answer about mixing new clients and old Amanda servers.

    I tested an installation of Amanda-client on Ubuntu-11.04, doing backups to my Amanda-2.5.2p1 server running on RedHat-4.9, and IT APPEARS to have worked successfully. The long term goal is to upgrade to a newer server, but as with most things, budget priorities affect how we do things.

    I'll be doing restores of data to make sure that we don't have a write-only backup system, but it looks like the data is on the server, which is an excellent first step.


    -Andrew (computing in the deserts of eastern Washington, USA)

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    It's too bad you didn't get any responses to your query. I find that a lot with Open Source stuff - you are on your own a fair amount of the time. THanks for posting your findings!

    We have run v.2.5.2p1 on a few boxes for a while and are looking at moving to v.3.3.0.

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