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Thread: Backup single files

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    Default Backup single files

    I saw this question asked before, and it got a bit of a "why do you want to backup a single file dumbo, just use cp" answer. So, to avoid that answer, I'll explain why I want to backup a single file.

    I have a directory like /var/www. In that directory are many subdirectories, as well as single files (like config files). I want to backup some of the subdirectories, but not all. I also want to backup the config files without having to put /var/www in a DLE and exclude all of the subdirectories. It fails with just a single file in a DLE. I tried making a directory /var/www/backup and making softlinks to the files from that directory, but got mixed results (some files backed up and some did not). Can anyone help?


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    amanda do not follow softlink, it backup the link.

    You have two possibilities, either exclude what you don't want to backup OR include what you want to backup.

    Which list is easier to build?

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