I'm building a backup config with no physical tapes at all. And I've got a few questions that are bugging me.
I'm using Amanda 3.2.3. Backup server with holding disk, vtapes on smb shared disks mounted on the backup server and 3 rotating offsite smb shared disks used as vaults, 10 hosts, 18 dles.

When I use vtapes so that the data is flushed to them after dumping I get tapes that are 1/3 full. This leads to a situation where I have lots of vtapes that have space on them but cannot be used. And a backup disk that is full if I try to use more vtapes than can be allocated on the external disk. I can use a holding disk to hold the backups until I get a vtape full of data. But then I run into the problem below. How can I tell Amanda to fill my tapes to 100% before demanding a new tape? Even when I need several amdump runs to fill a tape. While writing question this I realized I could use the following lines in amanda.conf. Am I right?

flush-threshold-dumped 0
flush-threshold-scheduled 100
taperflush 100
autoflush yes

Why aren't backups on the holding disk available for browsing with amrecover?
Some of the documentation/forum posts lead me to believe that they should be. But when I try to browse them, all I get are backups that have been flushed to vtapes. This is absurd. One of the main points of having a holding disk is to have data quickly accessible.

If I get amrecover to access dumps on the holding disks, why not use the smb shared disks as holding disks instead of vtapes?
And then flush the backups to the offsite vault disks.

Is there a good reason to use vtapes instead of a holding disk? Provided I can access the backups on the holding disk.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,