I just got a basic config working with our tape library, but I've noticed what seems like a real problem to me, and I need to see if it's in my config somewhere. When I run amlabel, the tapes, with barcode numbers, end up in my tapelist. However, when I run amdump, it searches through the library until it finds a tape with an Amanda label on it (most of the tapes in the library are old one from another backup system), then it uses it. Once it uses all the tapes, it searches through again until it finds the first tape again. When it rewrites that tape's entry in tapelist, it writes it without the barcode.

So my question is: What do I need to change in my config to make this work, or is this normal behavior for Amanda?

Here's the changer.conf that I'm using, which is included by amanda.conf:

havereader=1 #enables barcodes
firstslot=23 #first slot for amanda to use
lastslot=26 #last slot for amanda to use
driveslot=0 #drive number for amanda to use

The include is at the end of amanda.conf.

Thank you,