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Thread: SQL Server restore and backup failures

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    Default SQL Server restore and backup failures

    I needed to restore our Sql Server due to an accidental file deletion from our SharePoint website. I restored from a Full backup, but there were some errors: "Fail to restore the file" for three mdf and three ldf files from the MSSQL folder, and two mdf and two ldf files from the MSSQL$SBSMONITORING folder. There were no errors from the SharePoint folder. I was able to recover the deleted files.

    Then, I restored from our most recent Full backup that I had just made. There were four errors "Fail to restore the file" for two mdf and two ldf files in the MSSQL folder. It appeared that our data was still intact.

    I want to perform a Full backup now that I have all the files. I receive an error "ZWC_ENG_ERR_SNAPSHOT_FAILED." The Volume Shadow Copy is started and all the vssadmin writers are stable.

    Where should I look to fix the situation? I'm hoping that I will discover that ZCB is a stable and reliable program for backup and recovery of our data.

    Small Business Server 2003 R2
    Sql Server 2005
    Windows Share Point 2.0 (using MSDE)
    ZCB 3.0.2

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    I would like to gather some information on the restore failure issue.

    1. Did you select all the database files and restore them to original location with overwrite existing files policy?
    2. Have you applied the below VSS patch to the server?

    I would request you to apply the VSS patch, reboot the server and then perform a Full backup. In case you still any issue, please open a support case by logging to [url][/url]
    Also do a Tools > Collect Logs and attach the .cab file to the support case.


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    Default SOLVED: SQL Server backup failures


    I installed the VSS patch and rebooted the server. Data is backed up normally now.

    My guess is that rebooted the server (and thereby restarting each of the services required by SQL) solved the problem.

    Thanks for your insightful advice.

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