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Thread: Backuppc problem disk space and delete backups

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    Default Backuppc problem disk space and delete backups


    I have a problem with my Backuppc. I have 23 computers that are backuped and the total of these backup is 273 Go (said by Backuppc). But I saw that backuppc in /home/backuppc is of 173 Go and in /var/lib/backuppc/cpool, it's 383 Go.

    I don't understand why there is this difference of space ? and my HD is full at 96%.

    Even if my computers' data decrease, backups don't decrease.
    The problem is I don't know how delete datas of several computers.
    I tied to delete datas from /home/Backuppc but HD free space didn't increase. And I can't delete files that are in folder cpool, because names are like a,b,c,d,.... and not computer's name like in /home/backuppc.
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