Greetings to you, the amanda-users and amanda-hackers,

A better organization of user and developer documentation of Amanda has been on our wish list for a long time.
That is why I am pleased to announce the release of the new AMANDA-Wiki at


The conversion of the docs into Docbook/XML was a first step, the Wiki is a second step that we are taking towards better organization of documentation as well as creating an environment for better collaboration among users. Ease of remote editing by multiple users, an on-going archival of changes and Search capability are key features of the Wiki. We are using the same scalable and proven technology as [url][/url]

The existing AMANDA-documentation at [url][/url] will stay in place for now and build the foundation for upcoming additions.

This is a resource built by the AMANDA community and belongs to the AMANDA community. We invite everyone to contribute.
I am sure that this new and democratic approach will help us to get more useful information into a searchable form, explanations and howtos from the mailing-lists can now be easily added to the Wiki by yourself.
The Wiki is right now in a very early stage and is ready to get formed and filled with content provided by you, the AMANDA-community.

We are looking forward to your contributions and are sure that this platform will help to improve the overall quality of AMANDA support.

Best regards to you,

Stefan G. Weichinger,
AMANDA Core Team Member,
Managing Editor of the AMANDA Wiki