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    Is there a way to configure amanda to send the emails of dump summary at a particular time? For example I take backups at night around 9pm, I have setup the job in cron as "amdump backups" but I want the email that follows the amdump to be sent in the morning like around 9am instead of sending the email of dump summary right after it finishes dumping.

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    Schedule "amreport -M ...." command in the crontab. Please see amreport man page for command line options [url][/url]
    [URL=]Amanda backup and recovery [/URL]
    [URL=]MySQL backup and recovery[/URL]

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    Thanks for replying Paddy.

    when I issue the amreport command without any logfile options on the command prompt, it should email me the report from the most recent logfile, but instead i get an email from amanda with subject like "AMANDA MAIL REPORT FOR BogusMonth 0, 0". The command I used was this

    $amreport backups -M [email][/email]

    For your information, I installed amanda as an RPM. I have the log directory specified in /etc/amanda/backups/amanda.conf.

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    As the run is done, you must specify on the command line which log file amreport must use to generate the report.

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    Thanks it works now. I first had to cd into the log directory. Then I ran the following command.

    $amreport backups -M [email][/email] -l $(ls |grep `date +"%Y%m%d" --date="yesterday"`)

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    when I put this command in cron it doesnt work. Not sure whats the problem.

    55 8 * * 1-5 cd /usr/adm/backups/logdir;/usr/sbin/amreport backups -M [email][/email] -l $(ls|grep `date +"%Y%m%d" --date="yesterday"`)

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    Nevermind I got it now. Searched on google. Had to add backslash before each of the % characters.

    So the new command now looks like this.

    55 8 * * 1-5 cd /usr/adm/backups/logdir;/usr/sbin/amreport backups -M [email][/email] -l $(ls|grep `date +"\%Y\%m\%d" --date="yesterday"`)

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    Even though I can instruct amanda to email reports at a particular time, how can I prevent amdump not to email the report right after its done?

    Because now I am getting a report right after amdump is done and also one in the morning (from the cronjob that I have setup).

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    See send-amreport-on parameter in amanda.conf. Set it to never. amflush/amdump will
    not send you emails.

    In your crontab entry use amreport -o option to override the parameter with suitable
    value for send-amreport-on
    [URL=]Amanda backup and recovery [/URL]
    [URL=]MySQL backup and recovery[/URL]

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    Thanks Paddy, I'll give it a try.

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