Solaris 10 i386
HP MSL 4048 Tape Changer
HP LTO-4 Drives (2)

I took over an unfinished project for setting up [AZ]manda on the above system with the above components. After working through some problems with configuration and Amanda seeing the changer & drives with Support (who has been rocking, BTW!), I can finally start configuring everything, However, the documentation is not clear about configuring Backup Sets, and I'm now not sure I have configured the changer properly. I feel like I pestered Support enough for the original problem, I was looking for someone who may have dealt with this before I pester them again.

The changer is specified by the device /dev/changer, which I needed to link to /dev/scsi/changer/c7t4d1 in order for Amanda to find and recognize it.

The changer has two LTO-4 drives installed which use the devices /dev/rmt/0 and /dev/rmt/1. I can load and use "mt" to access these drives.

However, when I configure the changer and drives, what are the settings? The changer seemed pretty straightforward; I set up a changer named "CHANGER" and it located the changer just fine. "mtx" was/is able to do a tape inventory. OTOH, when I go to add the changer, it sees *two* changer devices because of the link from one to the real device file, but that's not really a concern.

When I then create a Backup Set and specify the Tape Device, I have a choice of two drives (0n and 1n), but I cannot choose both of the drives for the Backup Set to use. I want/need to have the changer have access to *both* of the drives, not just one per Backup Set.

There was some Release Note information for 3.1.x I found in the Forums saying that Zmanda will automatically choose one of the other available drives if the one previously specified is in use. Is this correct? If so, which drive do I specify when configuring the Backup Set? That info is not in the Wiki or the User Manual.

I tried just configuring one drive for a test Backup Set, but the backup failed due to timeout being exceeded. However, that may be because my configuration was incorrect.

The previous SysAdmin (who bailed on the project) had the device /dev/sg0, but upon a reboot it has sinced vanished. I have seen references to that device for controlling the changer *and* drives, such as /dev/sg0:1 for the first drive, /dev/sg0:2 for the second, etc.

FYI: something that is not documented is that Amanda cannot locate a tape-drive with the "mt" command unless there is a tape actually in the drive. I was forced to manually load a couple tapes (using "mtx" from a shell) before I could configure them (or try to!). This might just be a Solaris thing.

Anyways, any ideas/help/assistance is always *greatly* appreciated!!