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Thread: Destination backup on remote server

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    Question Destination backup on remote server

    Hi all,

    Based on the backup of remote mysql server [URL=""]page[/URL], I wonder if it is possible to store the backup (taken from the remote mysql server) on the mysql server and also or not on the ZRM server.

    So I execute a backup job from the ZRM server but it will save/store the backup on the mysql server. This without first backup it to ZRM and transfer it back to the mysql server (network overload then).

    I don't now if it is supported or can be done?
    The only possible solution i can think about is change the destination path in the config file to the path on the mysql server like (\\ip adress\folder)

    Best Regards

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    You can use quick snapshots if you are using LVM/ZFS snapshot backup.
    Solution that you have suggested will also work. Please note that storing backups in the
    MySQL server is not recommended.

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    Thanks for the quick answer.

    I can understand that its not recommended, but now i know that it is possible.

    Best Regards

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