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Thread: Innodb and EMC Snapview Plugin

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    Default Innodb and EMC Snapview Plugin

    We are using EMC Snapview and are backing up both MyISAM and Innodb databases.

    According to the documentation, we can only use RAW for the BACKUP MODE. When the backup is complete, we have a a TGZ file named backup-data. This file contains the files and directories from the MySQL DATADIR.

    I do not see how this supports a restore of a single Innodb database [Level 0 or point-in-time]. Nor have I found any documentation in this regard.

    I went to restore the backup to a different server using the Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL Restore Tab. I was unsuccessful in restoring neither a single database nor the entire backup set.

    Is it possible to restore a single Innodb database from an EMC Snapview backup? If so, can you please point me to the documentation or outline the steps in this thread?

    - Gabe

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    If you are using file_per_table, ZRM can restore single InnoDB database.

    It will be helpful if you open a support case at Zmanda network so that we can take
    a look at unsuccessful restores. Also, please provide the version of Snapview that
    you are using.


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